"Crossfire" parody: Big Bird vs. Oscar on "The Colbert Report"

(CBS) Did people miss CNN's "Crossfire"? I'm not so sure about that one (regardless, it's back), but they definitely missed "Sesame Street" and Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Luckily we have the newly Emmy-awarded "The Colbert Report" to give us all of the above. In a mock "Crossfire" segment, the big yellow bird and the cranky green grouch go head to head over the letter S. Watch the video above that is sure to bring tears to your eyes in a great and ssssssssssssssssssillly kind of way.

Aptly titled Pointless Counter Pointless, the mockfire between Big Bird and Oscar turns into more of an agreement-fest than a screaming match over the letter S, because "Sesame Street" is just too positive to be like the "shout-fests" on cable news. And because they refuse to battle, Mr. Colbert throws his own little scream-fest in his mini-temper tantrum. And although he's "never wrong," he did pick the wrong letter to debate. S is one of the best letters of the pack, it starts off so many great words, like starts Stephen, "Sesame Street" and most importantly, Savage!