Create Your Own Rob-Amber Wedding

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Tuesday night, CBS is airing a 2-hour special "Rob And Amber Get Married," and the whole thing was designed and planned by celebrity party planner Colin Cowie.

He also happens to be an Early Show contributor, and Tuesday morning, he recreated a few of the elements of the wedding to give you a sneak preview of the special and to offer ideas to people who may be planning their own weddings.

The entire wedding was really all about beach chic.

"I took inspiration from standing on the beach with the water in front of me," Cowie says, "The colors we used were all inspired by the surroundings, so they were colors of wet sand to dry sand, i.e. ivory to dark beige and accented with gorgeous turquoise/aqua, which came straight out of the Bahamian sea."

Initially, he says he didn't get much direction from the couple and notes the whole thing was planned in just 30 days. The following is the explanation of how he incorporated his ideas.

The setting for the ceremony:

Offer special seating arrangement - Says Cowie, "Rather than having a traditional set-up for the ceremony, we made it so that the aisle actually weaved throughout the seating of the guests. So everyone got the see them walking down the aisle, and it flowed the way a beach wedding with the ocean behind it should flow.