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Create Flash-Based Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

Producing interactive presentations and training materials -- with branching paths and multiple choice quizzes, for instance -- can be both difficult and expensive. It would be awesome to use an existing tool, like PowerPoint, that everyone already knows how to use, but alas, PowerPoint isn't built for that kind of project and lacks many essential features. Unless you add Snap! By Lectora, that is.

Snap! is a PowerPoint 2010 add-on that delivers a handful of new features to your favorite slide-building program. First and foremost, it's a Flash conversion tool that turns your ordinary presentation deck into a SWF flash file. All of the program's features are available from a single, smartly organized tab on the ribbon. You can add audio narration and video to a presentation, add quizzes and surveys, and embed other documents, Web pages, and other elements. You can even create interactive, branching experiences based on the user's selections within the presentation.

The add-on is free for 30 days, and costs just $99 -- a bargain for what this program offers. Snap! is not as full-featured as dedicated courseware software, but then again, that software typically starts at $1000 and has a formidible learning curve. New Snap! users can churn out interactive presentations in an afternoon.

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