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"Crazy cat" goes berserk in Florida; owner calls 911

DELAND, Fla. -- A 4-year-old Russian blue cat named Kush is being quarantined after apparently going berserk inside a central Florida home, prompting its owners to call 911.

Police say the feline scratched owners Teresa and James Gregory on their arms and legs Saturday, causing the couple to retreat to a bedroom, where they called 911.

"She freaked out. ... She's got us locked in our bedroom," Teresa Gregory said, according to CBS affiliate WKMG. "She's never been like this."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports Teresa Gregory told the dispatcher she had mistakenly stepped on the cat's tail earlier in the day and the cat went after her husband. They locked Kush in the bedroom for most of the day. When they finally opened the door, Kush wasn't happy.

"I just called about my crazy cat. ... She tore me and my husband up," Teresa Gregory said on the 911 call, according to WKMG. "We're ripped up."

The woman told the 911 dispatcher that Kush acted aggressively when she took the cat to vet six months ago to get shots, WKMG reports.

"I took her to the vet about six months ago to get everything done and they called me and told me to come get her because she freaked out on them, and they wouldn't (treat) her," the woman said.

The woman is then heard on the 911 call yelling to an officer.

"We're trapped," the woman said.

Kush was placed in quarantine for 10 days at a pet shelter. Officials say the owners can then take the cat back home, relinquish ownership or have it put down.

This is not the first time a crazed cat has prompted a family to call 911. In March, a 22-pound house cat attacked a baby inside a Portland house, forcing the family and a dog to barricade themselves inside a bedroom.

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