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"Craigslist Killer" Left Eerie Message In Blood

Two words scrawled in his own blood. That was the final message left by Philip Markoff, the accused "Craigslist Killer," when he apparently took his own life last weekend.

The Boston Globe reports that the words "Megan" and "pocket" were written in blood on the wall of Markoff's cell at the Nashua Street Jail. That's where he was awaiting his March 2011 trial for allegedly killing a woman inside the Copley Marriott last April.

"Megan" no doubt refers to Markoff's former fiancée. The two were scheduled to be married last August. Markoff was found dead one day after what would have been their first wedding anniversary.

The second scrawled word is more puzzling.

"The first word, Megan, seems to be an obvious reference to his fiancée, Megan McCallister, who broke up with him shortly after his arrest," said the Boston Globe's Maria Cramer, who wrote a book about the Craigslist case. "But the word 'pocket' is confounding investigators. It's not really clear right off the bat what that means."

Markoff, a 24-year-old former Boston University medical student, was accused of killing Julissa Brisman, after answering an ad she placed in the erotic services section of Craigslist. She was found in her hotel room, bound and shot in the chest.

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His former fiancée, Megan McCallister, is now attending medical school in the Caribbean. Her father told a New York newspaper that the family is saddened by Markoff's death and "trying to get our heads on straight."

Sources tell WBZ that Markoff was found Sunday morning with a plastic bag over his head, and had cut a major artery in his leg.

Markoff had attempted suicide behind bars on at least two previous occasions, but was no longer on suicide watch.

"He was not on a suicide watch at the time of this and that was based on the psychiatrist's recommendation," said Sheriff Andrea Cabral. "There was nothing about his behavior that indicated to us what he was going to do."

Department policy called for Markoff to be checked on every 30 minutes. An internal investigation is underway to determine if that policy was followed, and if not - why not.

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