Why was Beirut attack overshadowed by Paris terror?

Beirut attack overshadowed by Paris deaths 01:46

TURKEY -- People have taken to social media to ask why there has been so little coverage of the suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon which killed at least 43 people and wounded over 200 one day before the Paris attacks which have dominated the news.

Dozens killed in Beirut suicide bombings 00:29

This has been the worst terrorist attack Leban0n has experienced in years, but the nation has seen bloodshed spill across the border it shares with Syria, reports CBS News' Holly Williams.

With a pre-war population of 4 million people, Lebanon has seen an influx of over 1 million Syrian refugees. The country has also been without a president, and it has deep religious divisions between Sunni Muslims and, Shiite Muslims and Christians, and the war in Syria has agitated the divisions, destabilizing Lebanon.

One important fact to remember, notes Williams, is that ISIS has killed many more Muslims than it has members of other religious groups, including Christians.

Some people have said that the lack of coverage of the Beirut bombings is racist, and that the Western media is effectively saying that European lives are more important than Arab lives.