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Counterfeit Magic: Turn $10 Into $100

Video Courtesy Of KENS San Antonio

NEW YORK (CBS) Criminals in San Antonio have been practicing their arts and crafts. A new ring of counterfeiters are turning $10 bills into $100 bills using scissors and glue, according to CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS.

The counterfeiters cut out the 0 from one 10 dollar bill and paste it on another 10 dollar bill to give the second bill the appearance of a $100 note, reports KENS. The criminals then use the altered bills at grocery stores and gas stations to purchase inexpensive items. The change is pure profit.

Because the altered $10 bills were once legal tender, the counterfeit bills both look and feel like real money, causing some cashiers to unassumingly accept them. However, KENS reports that some cashiers have started to take notice. Tuesday, police busted brothers Daniel and Emmanuel Bryant attempting to use the altered bills.

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