Copy Files Faster with TeraCopy (Windows)

Last Updated Jul 18, 2008 11:04 AM EDT

teracopy.jpgI don't know what Windows Vista's deal is, but it takes forever to copy files. Freeware utility TeraCopy promises to copy files much faster than Windows (and not just Vista) while adding extra features to the process.

According to the developer, TeraCopy employs "dynamically adjusted buffers" and other fancy tricks to speed file transfers. It also lets you pause and resume transfers, something Windows can't do. If TeraCopy encounters an error along the way, it'll keep trying to complete the copy rather than instantly aborting the process. If it simply can't finish the job for some reason, you can see a list of which files didn't copy and attempt to re-copy just those files.

In short, it's a smart file-copy utility, and it's a freebie to boot. How can you go wrong? Use this the next time you need to offload a big batch of files to an external drive or even copy files across your network. [via Web Worker Daily]

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