Cop's Home Searched For Missing Wife Clues

A undated photo provided by the Illinois State Police shows Stacy Ann Peterson, 23, of Bolingbrook, Ill.
AP Photo/Illinois State Police
Prosecutors have gotten a new warrant and searched the home of a suburban Chicago police officer whose wife is missing.

A spokesman for the Will County, Illinois, state's attorney isn't giving details of the search at the home of Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson.

It was not the first time the home has been searched. Illinois State Police carried out a warrant last Thursday to examine personal computers, cell phones, a sport utility vehicle and a car owned by the Petersons.

"They need some hard evidence," says Court TV anchor and contributor to CBS' The Early Show Lisa Bloom. "First and foremost they want to find a body, if, in fact, Stacy Peterson is deceased. If they don't find that, they wanted to find hair, fiber, blood, tools that might indicate burying the body, duct tape, rope, a shovel, things of that nature."

"On the other hand, if she's still alive, they want to find credit card records, cell phone records, something to indicate she's still out there."

Meanwhile, volunteers and members of the nonprofit search group Texas EquuSearch spent the day looking for 23-year-old Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since October 29th.

Cold and windy weather kept searchers from using search dogs, horses and an aerial drone.

"It doesn't look good," Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, said. "If something has happened to her, we know that every day that she's out there more and more evidence is gone and it's harder to determine cause of death."

Drew Peterson, 53, a sergeant in the Bolingbrook Police Department, has said his wife phoned him and told him she had left voluntarily for another man. But Stacy Peterson's family has said she feared her husband, was making plans to divorce him and would not have willingly left her children.

The sister of the missing wife of a suburban Chicago police sergeant said she believes Stacy Peterson is dead.

"I'm just going to find her, bring her home and bring whoever did this to justice," said Peterson's younger sister, Cassandra Cales.

Stacy's Peterson's disappearance has triggered renewed interest in the 2004 death of Drew Peterson's ex-wife Kathleen Savio, 40. She had obtained an order of protection in 2002, alleging a pattern of physical abuse and threats, according to court records. The coroner said she drowned in her tub and a coroner's jury ruled the death an accident.

Police are considering reopening the investigation into Savio's death, reports, The Early Show.

Drew Peterson has denied having anything to do with his ex-wife's death.

Stacy is Drew Peterson's fourth wife. She was 17 when she became engaged to 47-year-old Drew Peterson, reports The Early Show.

Bolingbrook is about 20 miles west of Chicago.