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Cops: Florida UBER driver groped his passenger

ORLANDO, Fla. - An UBER driver in Orlando, Fla. was arrested and charged with battery after allegedly inappropriately touching his female passenger, police say.

The boyfriend of the alleged victim requested an UBER driver to pick up his girlfriend at around 10 p.m. Friday. Driver Ramy Botros responded to the call, picked the female up and then "drove around aimlessly and made comments about how attractive and pretty the victim looked," police say.

According to authorities, at one point, Botros pulled over and placed his hand inside the woman's blouse. Police say the woman demanded he stop touching her and continue on to the destination.

Police say the woman didn't want to upset the driver, so she initially pretended as though everything was fine. When she arrived at her destination, she requested the driver's business card and later notified police.

When questioned by police, Botros described how the woman was dressed and said that in his country, if a woman is dressed that way, "they are asking for that," authorities say. Police did not specify what country Botros was referring to.

UBER is an app-based car service.