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Cops: Boyfriend waited hours to report Calif. woman abducted

Desperate search for missing California woman... 01:49

VALLEJO, Calif. - The boyfriend of a missing 29-year-old California woman told authorities she was forcefully taken from his home in the middle of the night and that the intruders had demanded a ransom for her return, police say.

Authorities were notified by Denise Huskins' boyfriend - identified by the San Francisco Chronicle as 30-year-old Aaron Quinn - at about 2 p.m. Monday that she had been abducted from his home in Mare Island in Vallejo about 12 hours earlier.

It's not clear why Quinn took so long to alert authorities. At a news conference Tuesday, Vallejo police Lt. Park did not identify Quinn, but said the man Huskins lives with was being interviewed by investigators.

Denise Huskins Vallejo Police Department via CBS San Francisco

Investigators "have a lot of information still to sift through. We don't have all of the facts in yet, and that's what he's helping us do, to piece the puzzle together," said Park.

A car was also taken from the Vallejo home and was later found at an undisclosed location, police said. The vehicle is registered to Quinn.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday that they received an e-mail from an anonymous person claiming to be holding Huskins. Authorities have said they are looking into the lead.

Huskins works as a physical therapist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo, where Quinn is also employed. She moved to Vallejo in June from Southern California.

CBS Los Angeles reports friends and family described the 29-year-old as someone who had no known enemies.

"I'm terrified about what's going on with my daughter, and I fear as we're standing here of what could be happening to her," the woman's father, Michael Huskins, told the station.

The Chronicle reports Michael Huskins said he had never met his daughter's boyfriend but that she recently told him she was in love.

A cousin of Denise Huskins told CBS Los Angeles that Denise's mother had met Quinn and "felt like he was a really nice kid from a good family."

Search teams on Tuesday focused on an area of the Mare Island waterfront where authorities say there was some indication that a mass consistent in size to an adult human might have been submerged, but the search turned up nothing significant.

The FBI is aiding in the investigation.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact the Vallejo Police Department at 707-648-4525.

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