Cooking up some tasty dubstep music in the kitchen

(CBS News) I always get a bit peckish in the afternoon. Are you hungry, too? Perfect, how about I see what's in the kitchen that we might be able to cook up. There's hot water, eggs, Pop Tarts, toast... oh, wait, I've got just the thing: why don't we cook up some dubstep music!

The clever creation of music from kitchen utensils and food items was posted by Sawyer Hartman and features MysteryGuitarMan (aka not-as-mysterious Joe Penna), who was just featured here on The Feed the other day for another mixed media music mashup. So, while your hunger for food might not be totally satisfied, your craving for dubstep music is completely sated by this "outside the (cereal) box" creation. And if you'd like to check out more great work from these creative online creators, be sure to click here to go to Sawyer Hartman's YouTube page or click here to go to MysteryGuitarMan's YouTube page.