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YouTube videos turned into epic music mashup (with musical balloon bonus)

(CBS News) There is a very creative artist on YouTube who I can rely on to put out epic mixed media and online-oriented performances that always impress me. While the man himself may be something of a "mystery" (hint, hint), his talent is undeniably not. Check out his latest above.

The "man of mystery" referenced is none other than MysteryGuitarMan (aka Joe Penna)who has been featured on The Feed a few times now, and who gives props and credit for the work entitled "Extreme Video Puzzle" with the following (Editor's note: commas added in from original text):

Thanks to following YouTubers for the samples!
LaToyaForever, LanaMcKissack, Laina, RayWilliamJohnson, DeStorm, NigaHiga, ERB, Tobuscus, HolaSoyGerman, PewDiePie, OlgaKay, Smosh, EpicMealTime, RonaldJenkees

And do you like balloons? Are you a fan of The White Stripes? Would you like to see them come together in an unexpected way? (And do you hate long questions you can't actually answer?) Then you're going to love our promised musical balloon bonus below from YouTube user elfferich who blends these unlike interests into a surprisingly good cover of "Seven Nation Army".