Conspiracy To Kill

A Woman Suspected Of Killing Both Her Husbands Winds Up Dead

When Larry Risken arrived in the Philippines, he quickly organized a "Sweet 16" birthday party for Quinzy, the girl he had hoped to adopt.

It was April 18, 2006, the last day of his life. In a few short hours, he would be murdered.

At the party, Larry was worried about Quinzy's cousin, April, who had a serious eye infection. He decided to take her to the hospital. It was the kind of thing Larry did for Sonia's family when he visited the Philippines.

Before he left for the hospital, Larry got a phone call from the states. Jetmark says "Mamma Sonia called."

As night fell, Larry, along with members of Sonia's family, waited it out in the hospital. When April was released, they piled into a Jeep, but never got out of the parking lot.

"There were two people on a motorcycle. And the person on the back of the motorcycle went to my brother's side of the car," Sherry Jackson explains.

A man with a gun took aim at Larry. Jetmark was in the back seat.

"We just hear a gunshot… two gunshots," he says. Jetmark says he did not see the shooter because it was "really dark."

The gunman then ran back to the waiting motorcycle and took off. Larry was shot in the head and stomach. And even though they were at a hospital, doctors were unable to save Larry's life.

Jetmark, 14, who had just witnessed the murder of the only father figure he ever knew, called Sonia to give her what he thought would be devastating news.

"She told me, 'Jet, don't worry. Everything is under control. Nothing to worry about.'"

"How would she know everything is under control?" asks Van Sant. "I don't know," Jetmark replies.

Sonia then called Sherry Jackson.

"She said, 'My husband… my husband is dead. My husband… my husband is dead.'" In that moment, Jackson says, "I just kept thinking that I had to go tell my dad."

Law Risken says the news was a real shock. "It was like a punch in the belly, and I'm just thinking, 'Oh my God. How much more of this stuff can we take as a family?'"

After the initial shock of Larry's murder, Sherry Jackson wanted justice. Despite months of investigating the murder, Philippine police were unable to find Larry's killers.

The Risken family, looking for answers, hired private investigator Bong Oteza.

Oteza says the shooting was a well-planned hit. "He was a hired killer because he knows his trade. He knows what to do."

He says nothing was stolen. The hired gunman was only after Larry. "It's not a robbery. It's an assassination. It's a murder case," Oteza states.

Bong learned that Larry had several life insurance policies, but only one beneficiary: Sonia Rios. Jackson says at the time of Larry's death, the family estimates the policies were over $1 million.

While Jackson was still grieving and still trying to learn who had killed her brother, she got a call. It was stunning news: "That Sonia's first husband, Earl Bourdeau, was assassinated in the Philippines in the presence of Sonia's family," she tells Van Sant.

"I was shocked. I just remember my knees buckling," she recalls. "The extent of her evilness it just… It was that this woman definitely had my brother killed. That everything I thought about her was true."