Computing 101: What is a Web Browser?

We here at Business Hacks sometimes forget that not everyone eats, sleeps, and breathes technology like we do.

In fact, some users don't even know what a Web browser is. They just click that "little blue e" (for Internet Explorer) to "get on the Internet."

With that in mind, Google cobbled together this quick introductory video: "What is a browser?" Take a look:

Now, fess up: Were you the target audience for this video, or did you roll your eyes and think, "Oh, come on"?

Seriously, we're curious. We know that many Business Hacks readers are as tech-savvy as they come, but we also wonder if there are some novices out there who deserve more help-and-how-to posts. Leave a comment if you found this video useful. (Not sure how to leave comments? We want to know that, too. Share your thoughts via e-mail: