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Commentary: The "what if" president

The "what if" president
Commentary: Bob Schieffer on the "what if" president 01:05

WASHINGTON -- I interviewed Sen. John McCain the other night during a chaotic week and he said, "Bob we've seen this movie before." So I'm thinking, "what if this movie had a slightly different plot?"

What if President Trump had taken Barack Obama's private advice to get Gen. Flynn to resign in the beginning?

What if he had cut Flynn loose after Flynn told the Trump team he was under federal investigation?

Bob Schieffer CBS News

What if he had gone on national television and said, "I've told FBI Director Comey to get to the bottom of this Russia situation, no one wants to clear it up more than me because we have work to do."

What if he had joined Republican and Democratic leaders in praising the selection of Robert Mueller as special counsel instead of calling it a "witchhunt?"

But he didn't. So, I don't know what answers the special counsel will find, but it brings me back to something else that John McCain said the other night: This has reached "Watergate size and scale."

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