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Column: Obama Does Same Old Democratic Song And Dance

This story was written by Neal Tull, Daily Egyptian

Whether you are doing the waltz or any one of the "crank dat" dances, it is easy to recognize the same old song and dance. This is true for the presidential campaign as well.

For many months, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has been advocating change. He has stated throughout this entire presidential race that he is going to bring "change" to the government. One would think Obama is going to bring a revolutionary new type of government into Washington, the likes of which Americans have never seen before.

However, Obama's plan for our federal government is nothing new. It is the same old song and dance, masked by eloquent teleprompter speeches. Obama's "change" is nothing but big government. Obama wants more government programs that control more of citizens' lives. This has been a focus point of Democrats since the times of FDR and the New Deal. Although some New Deal programs such as Social Security have lasted a relatively long time, most proposed governmental programs are more efficiently done by the private sector.

The private sector is better at these jobs because competition drives workers to be better than their rivals. A lack of competition will encourage the attitude of "just good enough." Why would a medical school student work to be at the top of the class when he knows he will get paid the same as the doctor that comes in last place?

Obama's change also involves raising taxes for the rich and giving back to the middle and lower classes. This same old song and dance of wealth redistribution goes back to the early 1900s with Marxist ideologies about class equality. Yet many economists have stated Obama's tax plan will do more damage to our already damaged economy.

If you increase taxes for the wealthy, many jobs held by lower class individuals will disappear. Wealthier individuals will stop going out to eat as much, stop getting their cars washed and cut down on their landscape work around their houses. Even if you think these jobs are trivial, they still provide thousands of people with jobs. If wealthier people cut down on spending, every class will lose. Many industries depend on people who spend money. It is called the service industry. People who provide services for the wealthy will be severely affected by such a large tax increase on the wealthy.

We have also heard over and over from the Obama camp that "Big Oil" should be taxed more because they have had high profits in a time when gas prices are up.Obama says this is "change," but it is more of the same. Socialist ideologies have always placed an importance on capping the profit of companies. So now, you have the Democratic party wanting to limit the amount of money companies can make off of their product. There is a distinct difference between making profit and price gouging. Price gouging is illegal, and anyone caught in the act should face the penalties.But why would we want to cap profits of companies that are doing nothing wrong?

What people should understand is that if gas and other goods continue to increase in price, change will occur naturally. People will invest in new technology and new alternative energy forms. Why force an unnatural change that will see the federal government taking over private business?

Obama and the Democratic party are trying to sell you old wine in a new glass. By disguising and repackaging the same old Democratic philosophy, Obama is trying to promote a message of change for the government. Even if you agree with his policies, it is unwise to believe that any of Obama's policies are new. The American people need to recognize them for what they are. They are not new. They are not change. They are the same old song and dance. If Obama is elected president, he and the Democrats will o a river dance all over capitalism and the American economy.