Colo. suspect was psychiatric patient: Defense

James E. Holmes

(CBS News) DENVER - Most everyone who saw James Holmes in court on Monday was wondering about his mental state and whether he was medicated. Now we know more about the suspect in the Colorado movie theater massacre.

He looked like he didn't know he was there. He wasn't following the conversation, and when the judge asked him a questions, Holmes' lawyer jumped in before he could speak.

Court documents confirmed Friday that Holmes was in fact under the care of a psychiatrist before he allegedly opened fire on the audience in a movie theater in Colorado, killing 12 and wounding 43.

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A motion filed by Holmes' public defender reveals that Holmes was under the care of psychiatrist Lynne Fenton. Dr. Fenton is the medical director at Student Mental Health Services at the University of Colorado-Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, where Holmes had been attending graduate school.

Earlier this week, school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists.

"The faculty and program leadership meet on a regular basis to discuss how the student' doing, the stars and difficult students," said the university's dean, Barry Shur.

A package sent by Holmes to Dr. Fenton was recovered by police in the school mailroom on Monday. Sources say the package contained a letter written by Holmes that described shooting people. It's unclear when Holmes sent the package.

Holmes' lawyers say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contained "...communications from Mr. Holmes to Dr. Fenton that Mr. Holmes asserts are privileged."

Holmes is expected to be formally charged on Monday.

On Friday, funerals were held for three of the shooting victims, including 18-year-old A.J. Boik. He graduated high school in May. Tia Anthony would have attended art school with him in the fall.

"The fact that he was an artist -- and, he was so young, just so young," Anthony said.

She came to remember him at this memorial across the street from the site of the shooting. Relatives of another victim, Alex Sullivan, were also there. They told us Alex is in a better place, but they said pray for the family and friends he left behind.

CBS News tried to reach out to Fenton, was unsuccessful. The university said they can't comment because of an ongoing gag order.

The university won't say if Fenton has a specialty, but she has been given grants to study schizophrenia.