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College Level Sales Training Does Exist

Most sales professionals think that there are only two ways to learn how to sell: 1) corporate sales training, and 2) the school of hard knocks. That may have been true in the past, but recently a small number of elite business schools have finally started offering sales courses.

This is great news for career-minded sales professionals, especially those who work in organizations that are either too small, or can't afford, to hire a sales training firm. It's also wonderful news for current B-school students because now they have the opportunity to learn something practical, rather than a pile of theoretical BS.

If you're curious about this trend, or thinking of signing up for a course or two, check out The University Sales Foundation website. They're a non-profit that's not only tracking the trend but also publishing information about colleges that offer sales course. In fact, they've just releaseded their annual guide to existing programs. Here's the PDF link: Sales Education Annual. Check it out!