Coldplay's "Christmas Lights" Unplugged

Two years ago, Coldplay's Chris Martin stood at his piano and played us the beginnings of a song he'd written the night before. It was an early glimpse of the newly released "Christmas Lights."

Two years ago this week, Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, gave "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft a tour of the band's recording studio in London. In this video, Kroft revisits the scene with Ann Silvio, editor of "60 Minutes Overtime," recalling how Martin scribbled the name of a new song, called "Christmas Lights," on his piano.

Martin had only written the song the night before and was still working on the lyrics. Seeming almost giddy, he played the beginnings of "Christmas Lights," for Steve, who left the studio humming the melody. That was December 2008 and, finally, this month, the song was released. In the spirit of the holiday, "60 Minutes Overtime" brings you "Christmas Lights."