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Coffee, Tea -- Or Dave?

The Early Show weatherman Dave Price loves to fly, so when Song Airlines offered him the chance to be a flight attendant for a day, he jumped right on board.

After a day of flight attendant training, he was ready to conquer the friendly skies and sing: "I believed I could fly. I believed I could touch the sky, I thought about it every night and day."

So before he went on board, he had the chance to announce the flight and check in the passengers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dave Price. I'd like to welcome you to flight 2551 from JFK to Ft. Lauderdale," he said, microphone in hand, to the passengers who were surprised by his new role and gave him a hand.

"What a kind reception for all of us on the flight crew," he acknowledged and quickly quipped, "Passengers Smith, Storm, Chen and Syler did not make the standby list. You will have to standby for the next available flight."

While looking at the ID's and tickets, he delegated his work to fellow flight attendant Pam, but took the time to comment on a senior citizen's picture ID. "That is a stunning picture. Josephine, if you're not doing anything Saturday night, I'm going to be in Ft. Lauderdale."

She gave him a look and said kindly, "OK, I'll look you up, dear."

Once on the plane, he greeted the passengers and helped them with their luggage and more.

To a young mother, he volunteered, "Overhead? Do you want to put him in overhead?" and picked up her son from her lap trying to fit him in with the luggage, "Oh no, you know what, we're out of room," he said, and gave the boy back.

Cabin secured, Price got everybody ready for take off. He dutifully demonstrated, albeit with difficulty, the safety procedures the FAA requires all passengers to know.

Soon it was time to eat. So he announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your flight attendant Dave. Is anyone on board hungry? For the health conscious, we have delicious and crisp Washington apples, sweet and juicy clementines, rich in vitamin C, potassium, and of course, fiber."

But he soon found out from fellow flight attendant Greg that there were no clementines or apples on board. Correcting his mistake, Price said, "Folks, this is Dave again, sorry to bother you here. We don't have clementines and we don't have apples. That was my mistake. Just read your menus, there's some great stuff to order and it is oh so affordable. Thank you."

He delivered drinks and food and counted money going through the aisle back and forth, back and forth.

"I'm frazzled!" he confessed to a fellow flight attendant. But he still kept a happy face and persevered in his quest to give passengers the best service he could offer.

"Ma'am, do you need help with the diaper change?" he asked a mother, and got an answer he didn't expect, "Sure, if you want to do it," she said. But Dave got out of the situation in a very professional way: "I'll call our lead flight attendant," he said.

And he continued to check on other passengers, informing a screaming little boy "This is a no-crying flight. This is a no-crying flight." Fascinated by the TV camera, the boy stopped. "Thank you very much. We appreciate your paying attention to this rule," Price said.

More serving followed, the work did not stop. "I'm very tired right now. This is exhausting," he acknowledged and was happy to know soon the flight would be over.

To the camera, Price noted, "You people do not understand what these people go through all day," referring about the crew.

But soon enough, it was all over. Passengers got to their destination and Price was able to throw his vest uniform over his shoulder and walk off the job -- the flight attendant job, that is.

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