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C'mon In, The Water's Fine

Good news sports fans, there a new blog in town -- Couric & Co. -- for all you Web-surfers out there. Let us be among the first to say, welcome to the neighborhood. The new blog will feature thoughts, observations and takes on the news from CBS News anchor Katie Couric, editor Greg Kandra and a whole cast of characters from the news division. Like Public Eye, it's intended to be a conversation, so jump in and join it. Here's what they're up to:
"Couric & Co." is a kind of observatory for things large and small, from the meaningful to the amusing. Here is where we get a chance to include sidebars, video clips or conversations that we couldn't fit on the "CBS Evening News" — and here is where we try to put all that into perspective. We'll also be pointing you to stories of interest that pop up throughout the day.

In fact, we'll try to make ourselves of some mild use by steering you to material on CBS shows, on, in the newspapers or around the Web that we find intriguing, unexpected, important and funny. Especially funny. We like funny.

Just remember, we'll still be here to help answer your questions about what you see happening at CBS News. We'll still be trying to get behind the scenes and give the audience a better understanding about the who's, what's, when's and why's of news gathering. We'll keep on talking about issues about the media – where it's at and where it's heading. We think there's plenty of room and plenty of hunger for a real conversation about CBS News specifically and journalism in general. The more, the merrier.
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