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Cloth Diapering Challenge: I Accept

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By Natali Del Conte-Morris

Cloth diapering community, consider yourselves heard. I have contemplated your (emphatic) comments on our Eye On Parenting diapering segment and on my own personal blog and I accept your challenge to give cloth diapering a try.

Special Section: Eye on Parenting

I will try cloth diapers for a month and blog about it both here and on my own mommy blog, Mommy (beta). But I have terms. 

First off, you must help me! I considered cloth diapering before my son was born and to be honest, I was overwhelmed with the concept. I read my friend Nathalee's experience of cloth diapering and watched the instructional video and thought, "One more thing to learn before baby comes!" Now that I have learned that I can do this mothering thing and can do it well, I think I can handle a new challenge. I thought about your comments all night last night and woke up thinking, "Well, why wouldn't I give it a try? I'm not so set in my ways and these people are passionate!" It definitely helps that so many of you are willing to suggest the products that will make this a success! Please suggest the tools that I should start with in the comments below. 

Second condition, you must not attack me personally if I am having a hard time with this. We must agree to be nice to one another! And for goodness sakes, leave my parenting ability out of this. Too far below the belt. We are all trying to do what is best for our babies and our families so lets just keep this about the poop, OK? 

Also, please do not attack Dr. Alanna Levine about her participation in the segment. We were trying to take a cursory look at the pros and cons of each diapering method and she spoke as a medical expert. We were not trying to promote one or the other method. Please respect her medical opinion for what it was -- based on the most current research in the medical community - not in the diapering community. 

Next, I reserve the right to let my husband and my nanny use the disposable diapers if they don't think that they can handle the cloth. I'll try to show them the ropes but this is my experiment, not theirs. 

And finally, I cannot promise that we will be able to shoot a follow-up video, but I will try. I don't have control of our production resources, but if we do follow up this video, we will feature my own experiences and some of the modern tools that you CDers (cloth diaperers) use. 

If we can all agree to play by those rules, I accept your challenge to try out CDing. Consider me a Crash Test Mommy. Your comments are welcomed below. 

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