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Close To Perfection

In the new movie comedy "The Stepford Wives," Glenn Close plays a seemingly perfect woman living in the seemingly perfect town.

But a new family to the community finds something peculiar about their neighbors' pursuit of perfection.

In the film, the five-time Oscar nominee plays the "perfect" wife, Claire Wellington, the woman whom most in the community aspire to be.

Close tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith her character is "the true Stepford believer. And she whips everyone into the book club and into the 4th of July and into the exercise. It's a perfect world. Everybody should be perfect. Why not?"

Asked if she knows in real life anybody like this, Close says, "I grew up in Greenwich, Conn., which I would say is ground zero for what can be seen as the stereotype of what everybody thinks of as that kind of a woman."

As Wellington, Close gives newly arrived Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman), who until her recent firing was the youngest president of a television network, the tour of the town where the women are everything their husbands want them to be.

Eberhart, however, finds a sinister reason for the unreal atmosphere that she, too, may be trapped in.

So what's the perfect woman? "There is no perfect woman," Close says, "I think we should be embraced for our imperfections and that's one of the things that you come out of this movie with. This movie is sparking a lot of debate, which is wonderful. People laugh a lot and then talk about it a lot, because it does bring up issues like that. "

Smith notes, there's a part of men who sit there and look at this and say, 'So what's wrong with this?'

And Close agrees. "I think they're lying to say you wouldn't want a totally programmable, fabulous woman. What man wouldn't, at least for 24 hours? If she's great for 24 hours, why not a week?"

"The Stepford Wives" is being released by Paramount Pictures, which is owned by the same parent company as CBS.

Some Facts About Glenn Close

  • Glenn Close was born in Greenwich, Conn., March 19, 1947.
  • Close graduated from boarding school where she was student government vice president and organized a theatre troupe, The Fingernails -- the Group with Polish.
  • Close once attended boarding school in Switzerland while her father was in Zaire.
  • Close spent a couple of years traveling with the folk singing group Up With People before she decided to attend college.
  • Close attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., where she majored in anthropology and acting.
  • In 1980, Close had her Broadway breakthrough role in the musical "Barnum."
  • In 1982, the actress, at the age of 35, made her first film, "The World According to Garp"; she earned the first of three consecutive Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominations for the role.
  • In 1983, Close co-starred as a physician wife of Kevin Kline in "The Big Chill."
  • In 1984, the actress teamed up with Robert Redford in "The Natural."
  • Close won a Tony Award for her role in "The Real Thing," a romantic comedy by Tom Stoppard.
  • In 1984, Close starred in the ABC special "Something About Amelia," which is about a woman who gradually comes to realize her husband has been molesting their daughter.
  • In 1985, Close starred in "Jagged Edge."

    In 1987, Close played vengeful rejected lover in "Fatal Attraction"; she earned her first Best Actress Oscar nomination for the role.

  • In 1988, Close co-starred in "Dangerous Liaisons."
  • In 1990, Close had roles in "Reversal of Fortune" and Mel Gibson's "Hamlet."
  • Close made her first foray into television-movie producing with the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation "Sarah, Plain and Tall" in 1991.
  • In 1992, Close starred opposite Gene Hackman and Richard Dreyfuss in the politically charged "Death and the Maiden," which earned her a second Tony Award.
  • In 1994, Close had roles in "The Paper" and "The House of the Spirits"; in the same year, Close played silent screen star Norma Desmond in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Sunset Boulevard," which earned her a third Tony Award.
  • In 1996, Close co-starred in "Mars Attacks!" and as the live action cartoon Cruella De Vil in Disney's "101 Dalmatians," a role she reprised in the 2000 sequel "102 Dalmatians."
  • In 2003, Close co-starred in "Le Divorce."
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