Clinton's Debate Tune-Up

LORAIN, Ohio -- Before she takes questions from NBC's Brian Williams and Tim Russert at tonight's debate in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton took questions from Ohio voters.

In an overflowing high school gym about 45 minutes from Cleveland on a snowy day where school was out, Clinton outlined her plans for the economy, focusing on health care jobs and home foreclosures. To emphasize her points about home foreclosures, she also had two people from the area talk about their experiences with rising interest rates and the threat of foreclosure.

Throughout her remarks and the ensuing questions from the audience that ranged from education to the Iraq war to the middle class, she continued to stress her specific plans and talk about her experience, the general themes of her campaign. She also continually stressed how she wants to "help" people solve their problem. She closed by saying "you can count on me."

Despite having braved treacherous road conditions and waiting hours for her to arrive, the crowd was enthusiastic to see her and appeared equally excited about the message she delivered.

According to some at the town hall, Clinton's emphasis on the economy is the right prescription for them in deciding who to support in Ohio's primary next Tuesday. Many said they were drawn to her experience and the way she provides detailed plans.

Lucy Bollmer, 52, said before the event that she supported Clinton due to "her experience, her dedication and her moxie." After the event, Bollmer said she was impressed by her command of details and thought her campaign would find success by more events like this.

Dominic Cataldo, 61, emphasized how she's "proven under fire."

While much of the crowd came in as Clinton supporters, not everyone was. Vickie Lewis, 50, a single mom, said came to the event undecided and left saying that she will "probably" vote for Clinton. She said she was impressed by her plans and thinks she would be able to get things done as president. "I think she has enough guts," she said.

We can expect a lot more of her stressing those specific plans and her experience at tonight's debate. A campaign spokesman in Ohio also said to expect her to address specific plans to address NAFTA, a key issue here.

Clinton will hope for the same response tonight from all Ohioans that she got this afternoon in Lorain.