Clinton Warns Foreign Countries Will "Take our Inventions"

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

WASHINGTON -- During a routine stump speech at a fund-raiser tonight, Hillary Clinton sounded slightly paranoid when discussing the current energy crisis in America, warning that if the U.S. does not act to fix the current energy policy, other countries would "take our inventions, they will take our research, they will take our intellectual property and our patents and they will create the jobs."

Clinton, who was joined on stage by her daughter Chelsea, likened the country's need to move toward greater energy independence to a "race" with other countries, "This is a race, and I am determined that we will win it, because that is who we are, we are winners!"

Before speaking to the crowd of 2,500 supporters, Clinton was introduced by her daughter who listed reasons why her mother should become the next president, but she admitted that she may be "biased" because the candidate, of course, is her mother.

"I may be biased a bit because she may be my mom and because I love her too, but I also passionately believe in my mother as a young woman and as a young voter," Chelsea said, "So everyday that goes by that I think I can't grow more proud, I do."

This is the first time Chelsea and her mother have appeared at a public fund-raiser together. Chelsea has been campaigning across the country for her mother, primarily on college campuses and universities. She boasted that she had visited 30 countries and 85 schools. "I believe that my mother is the most progressive, the strongest and the most prepared candidate to be the president that I think we all need," Chelsea said as she introduced her mother.

The Clinton campaign says she raked in about a half a million dollars between the public fund-raiser at Daughters of the American Revolution Hall and two larger private fund-raisers in New York and Washington.