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Clinton Ties May Hurt Boxer

In California, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer is struggling in her bid for reelection. CBS News Correspondent John Blackstone reports on the potential impact the Clinton impeachment probe may have on the vote.

The battle for California's Senate seat is now too close to call, with polls showing State Treasurer Matt Fong catching up to Boxer.

Some people are looking on this race as a referendum on the president's problems, particularly since Boxer is related by marriage to the president. Boxer's daughter is married to the first lady's brother.

In a debate held Monday night, Boxer told Fong it's time to talk about other things.

"You move on to the issues that the people care about," Boxer said. "I think that's where the American people are. I think that's where Californians are. That's where I am."


Opponent Matt Fong said Boxer has never wanted to talk about the presidential scandal.

"Barbara Boxer, your silence for that seven months was certainly deafening, but your hypocrisy of the way you just presented yourself is ear splitting," Fong said.

That was the harshest exchange of the hour-long debate. Throughout the debate, however, each candidate worked to depict the other as extremist.

"I believe in Ronald Reagan's adage of peace through strength. My opponent has spent her career weakening our military," Fong said.

"I have the support of The Sacramento Bee and The San Francisco Examiner," Boxer said. "He has the support of Newt Gingrich and Oliver North."

Low key Matt Fong has moved from a virtual unknown to a contender. The polls are unclear on whether Boxer's closeness to the president is hurting her. But it is clear that a senator well known for battling is locked in a definitive battle to save her seat in the Senate.

Reported By John Blackstone

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