Clinton Begins Final Push in Ohio

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- Hillary Clinton makes her final push in Ohio today, kicking off an 88-county-in-88-hours bus tour across the state. Clinton can't possibly hit all 88 counties, but with the help of some of her supporters, she will blanket the state in the run up to the March 4 primary.

Clinton's bus tour is reminiscent of her 90-county blitz in Iowa back in December.

Clinton, who in national polls currently holds a slim lead over Barack Obama here, is expected to focus less on national security, as she did in Texas yesterday, and more on the economy and health care.

Ohio has lost thousands of jobs over the past few years, so it's no surprise that Clinton will take aim at bread-and-butter economic issues during her tour. An aide close to the campaign tells CBS News Clinton will "continue her focus on the economy."

"Ohio voters care about national security like everyone else, but they are really feeling on edge about the economy."

Clinton is expected to visit major cities in Ohio today, in part to get free television time on local newscasts with large markets.

"We are hitting Columbus and major markets Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland," the Clinton campaign aide said. "A caravan of super volunteers who won a contest to campaign with Senator Clinton are along, plus middleweight boxing champion Kelly Pavlik, of Youngstown."