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Cleveland neighbor Charles Ramsey's 911 call for missing girls

Stunned Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey called 911 after hearing and seeing Amanda Berry trying to break out of the house where she and two other women were being held captive.

Hear the call he placed to 911 in the video player above; the following is a transcript:

Dispatcher: Sir, sir you have to calm down and slow down. Is she still in the street?

Caller: Seymour Avenue.

Dispatcher: Is she still in the street or where did she go?

Caller: Yeah I'm looking at her, she right now. She calling you all, she on the other phone.

Dispatcher: Is she black, white or Hispanic?

Caller: Err she's white, but the baby looks Hispanic.


Dispatcher: Okay what is she wearing?

Caller: Err white tank top, light blue sweat pants, like a wife-beater.

Dispatcher: Do you know the address next door that she said she was in?

Caller: Yes 2207, I'm looking at it.

Dispatcher: Okay I thought that was your address, that house.

Caller: No, I'm smarter than that, I'm telling you where the crime was, not my house.

Dispatcher: Sir we can't talk at the same time, do you want to leave your name and number?

Caller: Charles Ramsey, R a m s e y.

Dispatcher: Are the people she said that did this do you know if they are still in the house?

Caller: I don't have a (MUTED) clue, bro, I just got out of McDonald's.

Dispatcher: Can you ask her if she needs an ambulance.

Caller: You need an ambulance or what? She needs everything, she's in a panic bro, she's been kidnapped so you know put yourself in her shoes.

Dispatcher: We'll send the police out. Thank you.

Location map of three abducted Cleveland women found. CBSNews/Mapbox
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