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Christine O'Donnell's New Ad: "I'm [Still] You"

Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is out with a new ad in which she again informs voters that she is "you" while looking directly into the camera.

The ad comes on the heels of O'Donnell's first, similar ad, which opened with O'Donnell saying she is not a witch. She also said in that ad that she is "you."

"I didn't go to Yale," O'Donnell says in the new spot, standing against a black background. "I didn't inherit millions like my opponent. I'm you. I know how tough it is to make and keep a dollar. When some tried to push me from this race, they saw what I was made of - and so will the Senate if they try to increase our taxes one more dime."

"I'm Christine O'Donnell, and I approve this message," she concludes, before adding again: "I'm you."

The ad comes as polls show O'Donnell trailing Democratic opponent Chris Coons by a wide margin.

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