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Christine O'Donnell's "I'm You" Ad Spurs Opposition Site

In her first ad of the general election, Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has a message for Delaware voters: "I'm you."

Her opponent, Democrat Chris Coons, is responding with his own message to O'Donnell: not so fast.

Coons' campaign launched a webpage today that urges visitors to "tell Christine O'Donnell: you are not me."

"In her new television ad, Christine O'Donnell says she is you," the Coons webpage says. "But unless you think the retirement age for Social Security should be raised, want to further de-regulate Wall Street, are against a woman's right to choose, think public schools should teach Creationism, and think homosexuality is an 'identity disorder,' she is not you."

O'Donnell's ad is embedded on the page, so Coons supporters can watch it for themselves. Visitors can also download an icon image of Christine O'Donnell with the words "Not Me" underneath.

Today on's "Washington Unplugged," the National Journal's Ron Brownstein said that O'Donnell's unique ad was intended to portray her as "the voice of the people coming to bring common sense to Washington." Special Report: Campaign 2010

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