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Chic Men's Fall Fashions

Although we usually think of women's fashions when the topic is trends, men's fashions are quickly gaining some attention of their own.

Lisa Arbetter of Cargo magazine shows us three big trends for men this fall on Wednesday's The Early Show. As we saw in women's fashions, we're seeing a lot of classics that have been given a modern twist.

These are fashionable pieces that will have a long life in your man's closet.

Yet, these aren't so trendy that they can't wear the item next season.

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The Velvet Jacket
We start with the velvet jacket - which traditionally comes in deep, jewel-tone colors, and is traditionally considered more formal attire. But this season, velvet jackets come in a variety of colors that are smashing for daytime and for nighttime cocktails.

Penguin Jacket in slate from Penguin - $160.00
Gant striped shirt - $89.50
Gap Jeans - $80.00

Grand Total - $329.50

DKNY brown velvet blazer - $395.00
Duchamp striped shirt - $188.00
Seven jeans - $128.00

Grand Total - $711.00

DIFFERENCE: DKNY is more tailored than the Penguin. Penguin is unstructured, boxy and has patch (as opposed to sewn-in) pockets. More tailoring = more work= higher cost!

The Bomber Jacket

This classic look has a modern twist --- the traditional design -- zipper, front pockets, and elastic waistband -- now comes in different materials with a variety of collar constructions and closures. These jackets look best with tweed pants (very trendy now), dark jeans or pressed khakis -- with your shirt tucked in!

Guess? bomber jacket - $99.00
American Apparel thermal shirt - $20.00
Tyler Speed tweed pants - $80.00

Grand Total - $199.00

Helmut Lang jacket - $1,913.00
Gene Meyer cashmere jacket - $128.00
Mavi corduroy pants - $68.00

Grand total - $2109.00

The Guess? jacket is nylon while Helmut Lang is shearling, which provides more warmth and costs more. Helmut Lang is also a higher end designer with more design elements worked into the piece.

Two Button Suits
Work attire is returning to a more professional look -- those dot-com days of wearing torn jeans and sandals are going away pretty quickly. The latest in suits -- is the two-button suit. The two-button suit is perfect for men who want to look visually taller and leaner. This won't go out of style anytime soon.

Z Zegna suit - $895.00
Charles Tyrwhitt shirt - $95.00
Blade by Michael Drake tie - $105.00
JM Weston belt - $285.00

Grand total - $1380.00

Calvin Klein suit -- prices as separate pieces -- jacket is $198.00 and pants are $98.00
Tailorbyrd shirt $89.50
Polo by Ralph Lauren tie $85.00
Banana Republic belt $45.00

Grand total: $515.50

DIFFERENCE: This Calvin Klein line is the new less-expensive line by Calvin Klein -- and most of the clothes from this line are produced mostly on machines, while Z Zegna does do some stitching and detailing by hand -- hence the price difference. Also the Z Zegna suit features a better-quality material.

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