Chelsea Clinton on Benghazi hearing, family and new book

As Hillary Clinton's public testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi approaches, Chelsea Clinton expressed confidence that her mother would emerge stronger.

"I have no doubt Thursday [at the hearing] she will be remarkable and Americans will really see why I so strongly believe she should be president," Clinton said on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday.

Despite the political noise surrounding her mother, Clinton said she wished to "create and maintain" a protected space for her family, saying she feels a "greater stake in the future" because of her daughter, Charlotte.

Chelsea Clinton, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, has launched a campaign of her own as a first-time author. Her new book "It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going!" teaches kids how they can get involved in solving some of the biggest global issues.

Clinton said growing up, her love for newspapers gave her "access to what was happening in the world," and helped her make decisions about "what I wanted to see more of, what I wanted to see less of, [and] what I wanted to change."

When she was five, she read about then-President Reagan's upcoming trip to a German military cemetery in Bitburg, and penned a letter to the president to express her dissent.

"I never heard back and he still went and I was very disappointed, but at least I had tried. ... And I know my parents were just as proud of me for writing the letter than if I had gotten a response or anything else. And that meant a lot to me and I hope to give that same gift to my daughter," she said.

From her experiences of traveling and speaking to students across the country, Clinton said she was "struck" by kids' curiosity of the world, and "how much more perceptive and attentive they are to what's happening than adults may give them credit for."

"I am incredibly optimistic that our youngest Americans are thinking really seriously about serious problems and what they could each do to solve them," Clinton said.

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