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Check out the musical tastes of people in Poland

(CBS News) If "love" is considered to be the international language, then I'd say "music" isn't too far behind it. So let's take a moment to listen in on what songs are being loved in another part of the world: Poland! Find out by clicking play on the fast-paced video above.

The music-listening habits of random people in the city of Bydgoszcz was posted on YouTube by AdaHtje, and was inspired by a previously highlighted concept here on The Feed two years ago that covered the song tastes of a variety of people in New York City and London. 

As someone with an eclectic love of music, I'd say this a very welcome flashback that I would absolutely love to see go wider with more cities! (Just throwing it out there...) And if you'd like to check out other work by AdaHtje, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.

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