Charlie Sheen's star fading?

Last October, Charlie Sheen's downward spiral began at New York's Plaza Hotel. Now, Sheen is back in the Big Apple, and this time he's at another New York landmark, but it's to perform his one-man show in front of a paying audience.

But they're not paying like they once were.

Charlie Sheen tour not a "winning" proposition for scalpers?
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According to CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller, tickets to the show, "Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour," started at $126 and are now being sold for just $24. Sheen will be in New York for two nights over the weekend. Reportedly, as many as 1,600 seats are still up for grabs between the two shows, Miller added.

Theater critic Jeffrey Lyons told CBS News, "I'm not judging him before I see it, but what's the attraction here?"

These days, Sheen's comedy show has turned into a late-night punchline.

David Letterman quipped, "Charlie Sheen says a dollar for every ticket sale from his show, will go to Charity. Charity, of course, is a stripper."

Miller asked Roger Freidman, a columnist for, what Sheen would he have to do to succeed in New York.

Friedman replied, "He can't succeed here. He's not succeeding. This is losing. Overall, this is the destruction of his career."

Sheen's return to New York comes just five months after he captured headlines at the Plaza. A drug and alcohol-fueled rampage by the actor led police to remove him from his suite after her caused more than $700,000 in damage, Miller reported. And, three months later, Sheen was hospitalized after another drug bender that led to a stint in rehab. His hit CBS show, "Two and a Half Men," was put on hiatus.

After several weeks of public feuding, TV's highest paid actor was fired. Since then, Sheen has been on a media blitz and his downward spiral has become an internet sensation. With more than three million followers on Twitter and Facebook, Sheen decided to try to cash in on his popularity by taking his show on the road.

But opening night in Detroit, didn't go so well for the man who claims to have 'Adonis DNA.'

One audience member said, "It was terrible."

Another said, "It was not entertaining, and I really like him."

But how will he do in New York?

"Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge said stay tuned,:"The Early Show on Saturday Morning" will have reviews of Friday's show.