Charlie Sheen tour not a "winning" proposition for scalpers?

Charlie Sheen, right, models a T-shirt with the phrase, "Duh, Winning," on it.
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Charlie Sheen, file
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(CBS) - Is the nation's short, dysfunctional relationship with celebrity tweeter Charlie Sheen at an end?

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Billboard is reporting that scalpers may have "misjudged the demand" for tickets to Sheen's soon-to-begin 22-date tour. In fact, the entertainment site reports, ticket resale site Stubhub currently has over 300 tickets available for tomorrow night's lead-off show in Detroit. 

CNBC reports that there are "a lot" of tickets on various ticket resale sites and that many of them are selling for below face value.

Has the warlock lost his magic? Is his tiger blood not tiger-y enough? Something something napalm torpedo winning?