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Charlie Rose, Lara Logan on "Person to Person"

He made his name interviewing the most important people of our time. She built her reputation covering wars and insurgencies the world over. Now Charlie Rose and Lara Logan are teaming up on the new CBS program, "Person to Person." And the chemistry couldn't be better.

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"There's no one I'd rather do this program with than Lara....What makes her a terrific partner is her curiosity...she's listening to what people are saying and responding , not just as a journalist but as a human being."

Rose and Logan - on set in New York - take us into the homes of today's biggest names via a giant wall of video. The result is a rare and intimate glimpse into the private lives of celebrities and newsmakers. Says Logan, "being inside the home is an opportunity for the conversation to lead you to a more interesting place than when someone's coming on the late night talk show or something else to say 'Oh, I've got a new movie coming out and this is why you should watch it.'"

At times funny, at times serious, it is always revealing, says Rose. "We talk about the things that are important to them: Photographs, trophies, all the things that have made up a life."

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