Men spotted in video not suspects in Illinois cop's murder

A sign outside police headquarters in Fox Lake, Illinois, pays tribute to Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, who was shot and killed Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

CBS News

FOX LAKE, Ill. -- Investigators say three men seen in a video from a home near where a northern Illinois police officer was fatally shot were not involved in the slaying.

Tuesday's announcement by the leader of the task force investigating last week's killing of Fox Lake Police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz puts to rest what authorities said was a promising lead into the identities of the suspects.

Lake County Major Crime Task Force George Filenko says investigators questioned the three men in the video and are confident they were not involved in the slaying.

The only description police have of the suspects is that they are two white men and one black man, CBS Chicago reported. Filenko said Gliniewicz did not provide a description of the men's height, weight, or clothing while in radio contact with dispatchers before he was killed.

Investigators have collected DNA evidence found at the scene of Gliniewicz's death, and determined it does not belong to the officer, but that it came from an unknown person, according to CBS Chicago. Filenko said police were working with the crime lab to establish whose DNA it is.

Gliniewicz was found shot to death Sept. 1 in a remote area shortly after he radioed that he was pursuing three suspicious men.