Celebrating Cronkite At 90

walter cronkite
It is the rare "celebrity" who is as reverentially talked about by Mike Wallace and Bill Clinton as by George Clooney and Robin Williams. Walter Cronkite, now 90 years of age, fits that bill.

The iconic newsman's colleagues and friends will celebrate his professional and personal lives in a one-hour primetime special broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

CBS News colleagues Don Hewitt, Dan Rather, Morley Safer and Wallace take viewers behind the headlines that Cronkite masterfully reported to reveal the professionalism, dedication and extraordinary influence of the man they knew so well.

Competitors Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, as well as the newest generation of anchors, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson and Brian Williams, talk about the unique role Cronkite played in American culture and how he continues to influence them today.

But, lest viewers think "the most trusted man in America" was one-dimensional and singularly obsessed with the news, some of Cronkite's personal friends, including actor/comedian Williams, actor/director Clooney and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, as well as President Bill Clinton and filmmaker Spike Lee, share poignant personal thoughts and revealing recollections of the newsman's "other side."