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Celeb "Apprentice:" No Laugh for Comedian

Writer-comedian Carol Leifer was fired by Donald Trump Sunday night in the two-hour season debut of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice."

The episiode also saw the reality TV debut of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose politicking cost his team a $10,000 reward.

Leifer, who called her fellow female teammates "dumb," predicted her team would regret her loss when it came time for more creative challenges.

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On Sunday night - the seven stars on the men's team vied with the seven women stars in a task that involved running a burger palace for five hours to take in money for charity.

The women, led by singer Cyndi Lauper, opted for volume and a low price point - $20 to $25 on most menu items with one more expensive specialty. They had a line that stretched around the block from opening to closing and their customers were a mix of everyday people, taking camera photos of the celebs, and high rollers, called there to donate to charity.

Led by rocker Bret Michaels, the men's team had a menu that started at $100 and went up from there. Many passersby went in and came out again without sitting down. But with their secret weapon - chef Curtis Stone in the kitchen - they managed to do a steady business among those friends and acquaintances they had summoned to donate to charity.

Last season's winner Joan Rivers was asked by Trump to visit both teams and choose one for a $10,000 prize that would be added to that team's total. At the men's diner, her meal grew cold in the kitchen while her waiter - Blagojevich - chatted up others customers.

Because of that, Rivers chose the women for the special prize, but even that wasn't enough to put them ahead of the men, who earned almost $20,000 more than their nearly $30,000 take in receipts and tips.

Leifer did a good job drumming up business on the sidewalk, but she had to be told her job was done when the line stretched around the block, and her work behind the counter was desultory at best. That was why her teammates, specifically eye-rolling actress Holly Robinson Peete, named her as the weak link in the board room.

Lauper, who did not criticize any of her teammates, was unable to choose two teammates to take back to the boardroom, so Trump fired Leifer on the spot. Leifer asked for - and obtained - a donation from Trump for her charity, The North Shore Animal League.

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