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"You can still see slivers of humanity"

CBS News women on the front line: Justine Red... 02:42

Justine Redman is a CBS News producer based in London. She has been with CBS News since July 2012 and has traveled the globe covering major international stories ranging from the war against ISIS and the conflict in Ukraine to the royal baby.

Redman said she does the job because it is important for people to understand the world, even the places that they can't see in person. That means traveling to places torn apart by war, poverty and disaster.

"The thing that I find, almost without exception, is that no matter how horrendous the situation is, you can still see slivers of humanity, of people who are trying to keep on being themselves," Redman said.

"I think that [if] these people who have lost everything can hold on to this little bit of dignity still, then the least we can do is show up and bear witness so that people know."

While producing in the field, Redman also takes photographs. Some of her photo essays are published on

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