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CBS Kidshow Online - Privacy Statement

For Safety's Sake

We want to ensure that all children enjoy our sites without compromising their safety on the Web. H+a does not rent or sell any information that we collect from children who visit either or the CBS Kidshow Online. Our privacy policy was influenced by the Interactive Guidelines of the Children's Advertising Review Unit.

Safety Reminders

Part of the enjoyment of visiting and CBS Kidshow Online is the ability to participate in the sites. Whenever children visit an online area where they are required to submit any sort of information or are invited to send in original creations, they will see this picture:

This is a visual reminder for children to go and ask a grown-up if it's okay to participate in this area of the site. Any material sent to either or CBS Kidshow Online becomes the property of H+a. Read more about this in Legal Stuff. and CBS Kidshow Online are both content-rich sites with lots of exciting areas to explore. But we also include links to Web sites that take children outside their boundaries. In these cases, children are presented with a gateway page that lets them know that they are about to leave or CBS Kidshow Online. You can read more about this in Legal

Parental Involvement

We strongly believe that parents and guardians should play an active role in monitoring their child's time on the Internet — and we encourage parents to do so. We directly solicit parental involvement in all cases of personal information collection. Parents can modify or delete such information at any time.

Every page of our site includes a direct link to this Privacy Statement. So whenever any child or adult is unsure of our safety standards, they are just a click away from the information they need.


Since a child has access, at no charge, to any area of or CBS Kidshow Online, we rely on our advertisers to help us bring this site to you. To make it easy for children to differentiate the advertisements from the site content, we include one of these pictures beside every advertisement:

When the ad is clicked, we display a gateway page that lets children know when they are leaving or CBS Kidshow Online and venturing into an advertiser's Web space. We request that all of our advertisers support us in following current industry and government regulations related to online privacy and children's advertising.

We use an online advertising management system managed by Doubleclick D.A.R.T. (Dynamic Advertising, Reporting and Targeting). We do track and analyze certain information on the Web site. However, this aggregate information cannot be connected to any individual user names or personally identifiable data.

Online Identification

We encourage the online participation of all our visitors. There are numerous opportunities on our Web sites to submit original stories, poems and jokes, send e-mail and more. Some of these submissions may get posted to our Web site. In the interest of all our visitors, we reserve the right to edit or refuse any submissions that we deem to be inappropriate for posting. We never post the full name of any child submitting material to or CBS Kidshow Online. In fact, we encourage the use of first names only, and better yet, an online nickname. We do not post e-mail addresses of any of our visitors.

Any area of either site that invites children to send in original material — such as writing or drawings — will display our safety reminder picture:

to remind them to ask a grown-up for permission before sending us anything.

Nikolai's Clubhouse

Nikolai's Clubhouse is a special place where children can master interactive games, participate in contests and enjoy a growing collection of online activities. We want every Clubhouse member to feel safe and comfortable when visiting the site. So we ask every child and parent to read the Clubhouse Pledge prior to the child's becoming a Clubhouse member, and for the child to abide by it every time he or she enters the Clubhouse.

When children first join the Clubhouse, we request certain information from them. We ask them to choose a unique nickname (not their real name), which they will use to identify themselves in the Clubhouse or when corresponding with us. We request that a parent assist his or her child in selecting an online nickname to use when visiting the Clubhouse. We also ask children to select their own password. This nickname and password is required each time a child logs in to the Clubhouse.

In addition, we request that every Clubhouse member provide us with their e-mail address. This information allows us to verify Clubhouse registration, award contest prizes and quickly contact a parent about any member who does not respect the Clubhouse Pledge.

Every new Clubhouse member is eligible to receive a Clubhouse MembershiKit. As required under Federal Trade Commission and CARU (Children's Advertising Review Unit) guidelines, a Parent Permission Form must be completed by a parent or guardian, and faxed or mailed to us, before we can send out this kit. An online form is provided, and can be printed or copied by hand then submitted to us. Once we receive this signed form, we will send out your child's Membership Kit.

If a parent would like to modify or cancel his or her child's Clubhouse membership at any time, an e-mail request to this effect can be sent to We will ensure that the child's membership information is modified or deleted, as requested.

How to Contact Us

We are firmly committed to keeping and CBS Kidshow Online safe and enjoyable destinations for children of all ages. If you wish to receive further information on any aspect of our For Safety's Sake privacy statement, please contact us by e-mail, fax, mail or phone.


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