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Cat credited with leading rescuers to man who fell down waterfall

Pleasant Valley, Calif. — A cat is being credited with helping raise the alarm about a man who'd fallen down a waterfall on private property in El Dorado County, Calif., CBS Sacramento reports

It happened on the night of Feb. 21.

According to the El Dorado County Fire Protection District, the man fell 30 feet down a seasonal waterfall into the Webber Creek drainage.

pleasants valley cat rescues man
Scene where man fell down waterfall on Feb. 21, 2023 in Ed Dorado County, Calif. El Dorado County Fire Protection District

His family soon noticed that he was missing and a neighbor came to help in the search.

It was at this point that the man's wife and neighbor started hearing noises from their outdoor cat, officials say. The cat then led the pair right to where the man had fallen.

Rescuers found him in a few inches of water. He was carried about 400 yards out to a waiting ambulance and flown to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

No details have been released about the man's current condition.

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