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Cat-astrophe For Climbing Kitty

Virginia Johnson has had a rough 12 days. That's how long her cat, Cook, has been stuck in a tree.

"I've talked to the veterinarian," says Johnson. "I talked to the humane society. I've, of course, had the fire Department out. I'm just at my wit's end."

The cat is about 50 feet up an oak tree, further than the volunteer fire department can reach with its ladders, and beyond the reach of responsibilities for the phone and electric companies. Johnson even tried rescuing the cat herself, using a ladder until she finally slipped.

"We're very grateful I got down without any broken bones," says Johnson. That's when her neighbors got involved. Harold Fletcher, 83, and his 13-year-old nephew tried to rescue the cat - to no avail.

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Cook is still stuck, and its owners are worried he might be using one of his nine lives.

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