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Car Buying On the Web

When it comes to buying cars,it's hard to beat the convenience of a site called Competing against the likes of Microsoft's Carpoint and Auto-by-tel, a recent poll by USA Today/Intelliquest ranked Autoweb the best of the bunch. The site was created three years ago by Payam and Frank Zamani, two brothers who fled from religious persecution in Iran and came to America with just 75 dollars between them. Now they are running a multi-million dollar car buying service on the net. Payam Zamani...

"We have nearly four thousand member dealers. And these are basically new and used car member dealerships nationwide. And it's the biggest network of any car buying service."

They work with dealerships with best reputations. Consumers go online, choose the make and model they're looking for with the options..check out the invoice pricing...and get a firm quote...

"You know you're getting the lowest price possible up front without any haggling."

No games. No gimmicks. The site has other services as well...

"When you are at you can shop for insurance through State Farm and you can be pre-approved for a loan through Nation's Bank."

The service to users is completely free.

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