Campus Insecurity

How Safe Is The College Environment?

In April, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors will have to decide which college and university to attend. One of the things they probably won't consider is safety on campus. 48 Hours looks at the hidden dangers of university life.

College Crime Stats
How much crime is there on your campus? Click here to find out.

A Deadly Haze: Last winter, Steven Petz, a freshman at Ferris State University in Michigan, was pressured into drinking 27 shots of liquor as part of his initiation into an unauthorized fraternity. He later died from alcohol poisoning. Six of his fraternity brothers were charged with crimes, including manslaughter. Will they be convicted?

Sound The Alarm: It may be one of the best-kept secrets on college campuses. Almost 2,000 campus fires, like the one that claimed lives at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, occur each year. Seton Hall survivor Ken Simmons, who thought his only college worries would be over grades, describes his experience.

Ask the 'Safe' Questions
Are you looking for the right college? Before you hit the road, print out this list of safety questions and carry them with you on your campus visits.
48 Hours reports that there are no national regulations requiring sprinklers on campus.

Missng Bryan: Do universities do enough to watch students? Some parents say no. Find out about the case of one student who disappeared and was later found dead. His parents say the school delayed informing them that he was missing, and are suing the school.

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