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Campaign Finances May 2008

These charts provide a snapshot of the financial health of the three major candidates' campaigns. Below, you can see how much they raised during May, their total receipts and spending and how much money they have in the bank as of the end of last month. The candidates reported their totals to the FEC on June 20, 2008, for the period ending May 31.

May '08 Money Raised

• Clinton loaned $2,175,000 to herself

Total Money Raised

• Clinton's total includes $12,175,000 in personal loans

Cash on Hand

• Clinton reports $22,523,861 in debt. She reports $3.4 million cash on hand for the primary and more than $23 million for the general election (which cannot be used to pay her debts).

• Obama reports $304,163 in debt and $33.3 million available for primary. The rest of the money is for the general election campaign

• McCain reports $1,268,974

Total Spent

Totals as of May 31, 2008. Sources: Federal Election Commission, Associated Press

Click here for April 2008 fundraising tallies.

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