Campaign Finances June

These charts provide a snapshot of the financial health of the three major candidates' campaigns. Below, you can see how much they raised during June, their total receipts and spending and how much money they have in the bank as of the end of last month. The candidates reported their totals to the FEC on July 20, 2008, for the period ending June 30.

June '08 Money Raised

• Obama's total includes $1.4 million raised through joint fund with Democratic National Committee. The number also includes $3,618,897 raised for the general election

• McCain's total includes $5,068,832 raised through joint victory fund with Republican National Committee

Total Money Raised

Cash on Hand (Candidate Only)

• Obama reports $14.3 million raised for the general election which he cannot use until he formally receives the Democratic nomination in August. He also reports $890,921 in debt

• McCain reports $1,453,172 in debt. He has elected to receive $84 million in public funds for the general election

Cash on Hand (Candidate & Party)

Total Spent

Note: Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race on June 7, but reports having $25,201,723 in debt at the end of June. She received $2,714,585 in contributions over the course of the month and reports $26,046,667 in cash on hand. However, about $23.4 million of that is designated for a general election campaign and cannot be used to pay down that debt. Of that debt, $13,175,000 is money she loaned her own campaign (including $1 million in June) and she is unlikely to get that back.

Totals as of June 30, 2008. Sources: Federal Election Commission, Associated Press

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