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Digital detox summer camp for grown-ups

Adults seeking to relive happy childhood memories can sign up for a weekend summer camp, but they have to surrender all gadgets including phones, tablets and even watches
Digital detox camp helps campers unplug and relax 01:30

There's face-painting, s'mores and digital detox.

Camp Grounded, nestled amongst northern California's redwoods, looks like a traditional summer camp. Campers arrive in a classic yellow school bus. But here, no one is posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting or texting. This is digital detox camp for technology-obsessed adults.

Adults seeking to relive happy childhood memories have to surrender all gadgets including phones, tablets and even watches. The electronics-free summer camp experience is drawing hundreds of people from around the world, and CNET's Kara Tsuboi went to check it out.

Levi Felix is the co-founder and director in charge of "digital detox" at Camp Grounded. When campers arrive he tells them to "put all of your devices in a brown paper bag and you turn them in for four days in the tech check."

Campers, who hail from more than 30 states and five different countries, range in age from 19 to 81. They have surrendered not only their electronic devices but even their names. Campers adopt a "camp name" to discourage work talk or networking.

But that does not mean that communication is discouraged. At camp, the "inbox" is where campers can leave each other paper notes. In the "analog zone" there's a paper news feed you can scroll, a place to clip your art, and even a human-powered search engine where campers can ask and answer questions.

Camp Grounded costs $570 for three nights, including meals. There are two more sessions this June. Batteries not included...or needed.

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