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Caitlyn Jenner struggles to find her feminine voice, watch here

Caitlyn Jenner has most of the woman thing down. But there still is one throwback to Bruce: Her voice.

In a new clip from her E! docu-series, "I Am Cait," Jenner admits to daughter Kim Kardashian and friend Malika Haqq that long before she went public about her transition, she wanted to know what it would be like to be accepted as a woman. She admits that she would call room service when staying in hotels and try to do her best female voice, so that they would think they were speaking to a woman. "I'd be sitting there in my little room, all by my lonesome, and I'd think OK! I'm going to try to get my best feminine voice and call down so they say, 'Yes, ma'am.' I could never do it."

Kim and Malika both encourage her to test her feminine vocals on them, but unfortunately she doesn't quite have the hang of it yet. The exchange is quite funny, showing a lighter side to her transition and the show, but later it takes on a more serious tone.

Jenner later privately discusses how important it is for her voice to match how she feels on the inside, saying that women don't totally understand how important it is for her voice to match her true identity. She really struggles over finding her new voice to match her new person, saying that it's very important for her soul.

But if we've learned anything from Jenner's journey so far, it's that she can overcome a hurdle in her way.

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